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Infant Cognition and Language

Bernhard Hommel, Szilvia Biro, Claartje Levelt

The Leiden Baby labThe Leiden Babylab has two research foci. First, researchers of the Babylab for Cognitive Development study how human actions are cognitively represented. Feature codes of perceivable effects of actions get associated with the motor patterns they accompany, and actions are subsequently controlled by activating those codes. Associations between effect codes and motor patterns are acquired from very soon after birth on, but major steps occur between 7 months and 6 years of age. One research topic is the interplay between the apparently automatic integration processes responsible for storing effect-movement relationships and the more slowly maturing action control functions. Second, researchers in the Babylab for Language Acquisition study the emergence of language skills. The development of speech production is studied in relation to the development of speech perception and the development of the mental lexicon - the long-term memory for words. The focus of the research is on typically developing children between 8 months and 2,5 years old. In collaboration with the otolaryngology section of the Leiden University Medical Center a new project focuses on children with speech or hearing problems. For more information,visit us at: www.babylab.leidenuniv.nl