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Neurocognitive Disorders and Psychopathology

Hanna Swaab, Sophie van Rijn

The central aim of the research program is the search for determinants and risk- or protective factors for neurodevelopmental problems in adaptive behaviour. The detection of determinants, risk factors and protective factors of developmental problems during childhood is relevant for prevention, intervention, treatment and optimal coping. Dysfunctional brain-behaviour interactions may lead to developmental psychopathology and result in social dysfunctioning (social inadequacy or aggression) and cognitive and emotional problems. Serious developmental problems can lead to very serious outcome, like psychosis, or other chronic problems that account for a lifetime of intensive use of care. Focus of research is on early development, childhood and adolescence, mostly within the areas of autism and autism related disorders, ADHD, ODD/CD, Klinefelter syndrome and neurodevelopmental disorders in general. 
The overall program is inspired by a bio-psycho-social developmental framework for child psychopathology. The research and intervention projects are based on a multi-factorial model and focus on the biological and psychological vulnerabilities in children which interact both with risk and protective factors in their daily living environment embedded in the wider social and cultural context of society.  For more information, visit Prof. Swaab’s lab website.